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All Gone 2017
USA $ 80.00
JAP ¥8994.05
EUR € 63.75
a. New 
b. 2018
c. All Gone 2017 
Hard cover, 240 pages.
Limited edition of 1250 copies.

2017 edition, published by La MJC.

All Gone documents the most sought after street culture items, every year, since 2006.

All Gone’s 2017 new cover is an ode to "Bling-culture" and hip hop jewelry. It pays an extended homage to gold chains, gold pendants, and diamonds. The art is a tribute to the Pen & Pixels scene and all the great nineties southern hip hop album covers, to Raekwon’s legendary “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” EP, to Master P’s No Limit records imagery, to Eric B and Rakim, LL Cool J, Scarface and Big Daddy Kane--all the way to Kurtis Blow, Biggie, Jay Z and Birdman. And beyond musicians, the cover references the great work of NYC-based contemporary artist Luis Gispert. The new All Gone 2017 cover is all about the streets, about getting rich from the hustle, about opulence, about shining! 

For its twelfth issue, La MJC joined forces with super talented French illustrator Yoann Houlbert to create a unique, hand-draw artwork. The result is stunning and extremely realistic; we printed on a silver based paper, to obtain true reflections effects on all chains and diamonds. Trust us, you will quickly understand when you experience the book in person! 




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